Monday, May 12, 2008

What do I do?

People often ask me what I do during the day as a missionary. Well, the answer for that would vary a ton for each day pretty much. Prefield ministry consists of several requirements like reading, discipling, studying, reporting and more. Then in order to get meetings with churches, you must call, and call, and call. Don't ask me about how I liked that part. Then we travel and speak to churches, youth groups, camps, whoever we can get to listen (or at least pretend they are listening). I really enjoy meeting individually or in small groups with people for discipleship/mentoring. I really believe in the power of discipleship relationships and think that is a key ingredient missing in churches today.
I have also used this time to try to grow through reading and writing. I have read a bunch of books and am also listening to free Seminary classes online ( check it out!) I have listened to three classes so far and am working on a fourth. I have learned a lot through these classes. The books I have read have also sharpened me and given me many ideas for ministry. I have also written a lot. I started out with a document called "book" that has about three or four book ideas and thoughts in it. It is about 60 pages long. My current writing is in a book that I want to finish. It is about how we Christians do not have a good reputation, some of the reasons why, and then how we can change that. Right now I am at around 60 pages with a decent skeleton to work with. I hope that I can finish it soon and maybe email it to people or have it on a self publishing website where people can buy it individually, if they want it.