Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reverse Culture Shock

So I really didn't think that I would experience reverse culture shock upon returning to the US. But I was wrong. I guess it was not too drastic, but there are definitely some changes to be noted and it has led to some sort of embarrassment on my part. My brother Phil was talking to me in preparation for his wedding and he said some words where I just had no idea what they meant. I really did not want to admit that I did not know what he was talking about. This also happened in several other circumstances in talking about technology. I did not know what an iphone looked like and would have no clue what is on the market right now.
Sarah told me that she was nervous about coming back to the US due to her wardrobe possibly being out of style. Of course, we all know, at least I do, that fashion follows her. Sarah was clueless after her sister told her that she had bought a certain style of clothing for Evelyn. Anna replied that she would know soon enough cause "everyone had them."
I also found out that everything is not cool anymore. It is chill. And if you are really chill, you are mega chill. Well, I have had 4 weeks here so far and am trying to adjust. But the truth is that I probably won't fit in for a while. Basically that means that we will not fit in either place, which is kind of a weird feeling. I guess that is just part of life now. So for now I am just working on reaching the chill stage. I am not there yet, but maybe soon.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well, the name might not work, but I am once again writing about a crazy idea I have had. It is for Christians who are serious about making disciples and it is for Christians in the workplace. Maybe not whichever workplace will do, but most could. Through college and a little afterwards I was a painter. I enjoy painting, but sure am glad that I am not doing it for a living. But my old boss/crime partner in painting had started this idea at one point.
The idea has to do with combining discipleship and apprenticeship. During work, Ben would take a few minutes out of lunch break talking to a couple of his workers about God. They actually started going through "The Story of Hope" book, which is a chronological overview of God's Redemptive plan in the Bible. You can use it for both evangelism and discipleship.
Owners of small businesses could provide jobs as well as discipleship to a young person in the church, construction workers, painters, plumbers, electricians, etc... could have a youth work under you and have plenty of time for informal discipleship talk on the job, and most people could find some time in their busy schedules to work God's Great Commission.
What do you think? What would work for you and your job or how would you like someone to disciple you as you work?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

A bit on Romans

I do miss writing a bit. I get a chance to write some, but not near as much since having a daughter. I never realized how much work kids are. So while the little Evelynator is napping, I decided to write some. I started writing on the book of Romans a while ago and hope that in the future I can continue my study of it. No other book of the Bible has as much doctrine nor the depth of doctrine as Romans does. I can't think of any book that convicts me as much as Romans does either. But it also gives so much hope. The verse that sums up Romans in my opinion is Philippians 1:6- "Being confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in me will continue it until the day of Jesus Christ." God calls us from our dirty, rotten sinful background into an abundant life in which He completely sanctifies us in the end. We have our battles that we fight and we choose between God and sin so often, but ultimately, it is God who pulls us through them. Romans explains that process and encourages us to choose to follow Christ every time.