Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I have been doing instead of blogging

God is so good to us. You know we don't really deserve much in life. Right now we are in Manaus, Amazonas, the capital city of the Amazon. We have been in the interior for about 3 months now. There have been a couple times during this trip where I have said, "I deserve this cause..." and that really is the wrong attitude to have. What we all deserve is hell. I preach that all the time, but forget it often when I am not preaching.
Doing things in the Amazon is not like the rest of the world. It can be tiring and frustrating. Fortunately the last couple of days in Manaus have gone great! We came to get both an American and a Brazilian passport for Evelyn and we have already applied for both of them and the process has gone well. We are so excited!
Communication has been harder in the Amazon. We don't have internet at our house and so I have not been able to do any blogging the last few months. I do miss it somewhat. Today I am just happy to be able to get online on my own computer. life is all about perspective sometimes. We can learn how to be grateful and not take things for granted by reading and experiences of others, or often God can take you through circumstances that will lead to those feelings later on. I hope that you learn to learn from reading!