Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bits from Brasil May

Rain! Normal May/June months in the Sertão are rainy. However, last year’s climate was really dry with little water. Lots of cattle have been sold as the brown vegetation has not changed for almost two years. This month has been different as God has sent a good amount of precipitation our way! A true blessing from above. Since being here we have often compared the rain to God’s blessings and both the rain and spiritual blessings arrived this month.

On Mother’s Day we had a service/party at our house. Sarah put in long hours decorating and preparing to make the day special. We had a great group including several couples who had never been to a study. One was a neighbor couple we had invited over the previous night for pizza. We have been able to socialize with several of our neighbors this month. I heard from a Pastor whose church recently decided to separate Sunday nights for the members to intentionally schedule dinners/events in which they could meet their unchurched neighbors and friends. This vision for the unchurched excites me as it is our vision as well!

A few weeks ago a training was held for the Samaritan’s purse Operation Christmas Child program. Our colleague Roger Smith is on the national board of directors as the Prayer Coordinator. Within our Pastor’s group he started explaining the children’s discipleship program and the Pastors were soon excited. Although my involvement was very minimal, my excitement was through the roof as 17 different ministries were represented by around 60 people! Why so excited? This area rarely has cooperation between ministries. One of our main goals through our training center has been to train people from different areas to reach the Sertão. People came from all over our city and region. Several different towns were represented. This gave me great hope for what we want to do with our training center. It seems as though different people will be willing to come here to be trained. 

Our annual football camp happened this past weekend where we had seven coaches come from the US to Recife at Camp Paradise. Their character challenges were accepted by more than sixty athletes that showed up to learn more about american football. For me the most exciting result was in the facebook posts that followed where several athletes emphasized the spiritual teaching they received as being a main highlight of the weekend. I posted a bunch of photos on my facebook page in case you are interested in seeing the impact. 

Construction has ramped up on the building and we hope to be using the incomplete facilities in a couple of months. I have started being more involved with the construction and go there and to the store most days. 

Servant Leaders development is going well and the site seems to be getting quite a few views per week. We are getting close to translating as much as we can before the other courses are fully developed. I am excited to start these seminars and courses here soon. I feel like our influence base here is going well as we have developed our relationships with the churches and people here. 

Excited to partner with you all in this ministry in Brazil! God continues to blow our minds with the doors he opens up! God bless you all!

All for HIS glory,

David, Sarah, my little coach who also started Ukulele lessons, and our arts and crafts major