Friday, June 30, 2017

Bits June

Little girls are loud! :) Sarah is putting on a clinic this week for cheerleading! She has girls ranging from three to ten years old learning to cheer as well as learning about character. She is doing a great job and so far all the girls have loved it. This has been a major project for Sarah and she has done awesome. 

Before this major project she put on a party similar to a harvest party here. June is the corn harvest and the weather is much cooler and we have more rain. So there are lots of bonfires and parties. We did a Bible study with the fire and fellowship attached to it and had a really great time! Sarah did a great job decorating. 

This month I have been busy taking care of the construction, getting the football team ready for our first game of the national league next week, doing studies for Sunday nights and our bi-weekly trips to Tupanatinga, preparing for a men’s study to start next Wednesday night, helping organize the weekly area Pastor’s meeting, working on Servant Leaders Brazil and going through my master’s class on Church Administration. 
Servant Leaders has taken a step up in priority as we are close to starting our program here in Arcoverde as well as reorganizing at the international level. We are wanting to be organized as a team as we develop the resources and partnerships we have. Servant Leaders offers free resources to churches to train their own leadership. God is opening so many doors that it has been hard to keep up with all the work that needs to be done! We are grateful to God for this and look forward to the fruits of the labor which will be developed church leaders across the world. Please pray for wisdom for us and resources (human, financial and time resources).

Thanks for all your prayers as they have sustained us! Pray we would continue to separate time as a family through all the busyness and that God will multiply His harvest!

All for HIS glory,

David, Sarah, and our two little cheerleaders; one being the loudest and most exciting and the other maybe the most distracted and randomly interested, but both as cute as can be!