Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bits from Brasil

A week before we left the US this month we all talked about being ready to be back in Brasil. Our time in the states was fun as we were able to spend some quality time with family and friends and see many friends from churches that support the ministry here in Brasil. We live a very blessed life. Our trip home went smoothly even as we traveled with a bit of luggage. Evie was a big help and cause of your prayers, we were not pushing all our bags all over the airport, but the pick-ups and drop-offs turned out being close to each other!

I did not expect for us to jump right into the routine here, but that is what happened. We arrived late Saturday night after coaching a football game in Recife. On Sunday night we invited our Bible study friends to come over for a get together and we packed the house out and had a great time talking with everyone. On Tuesday night we started a Bible study with a couple that had started in our studies when we first arrived. He invited his Grandma and we met at his aunt’s house. The study went well and we were told we could return. Breno did not grow up in church and is not used to that kind of setting, but is open to in house studies. Pray that they go well with him!

On Thursday we went in the early afternoon to Tupanatinga. Sarah and Bia caught up while the girls continued playing. The study at night went really well with a good group. We are excited about what the Lord has for us there.

My current class is Team Dynamics and I have learned so much in it. Part of my project has been meeting with our colleague Roger and talking about team. We feel really good about what we have been discussing and the future of the ministry here. Please pray for synergetic work that pushes God’s work forward here. One aspect of our conversations has been the construction. Pray for us as I will be more involved in working together with Carlos in getting the building ready. We are putting together priorities to 1) get the building usable 2) finish this phase of the project. We will be seeing how much money we have available right now and what that can finish and evaluate how we will manage that. If you would like to participate in not making the money matters an issue, let me know! :)

Our service this weekend went well and it was good to be back in that rhythm. Normally we do not have services at our house, but due to the location being unavailable, we had it here. Sarah has started projects for the kids to give to their mothers on Mother’s Day. She received some new craft ideas while we were in the states. 

Well, one of my friends said I write too much, so I will stop for now! :) Thanks for all your love and support for the ministry here! 

All for HIS glory,

David, Sarah, and our two little gymnasts, one girl with the janelinha (little window…referring to her two front teeth being out, the second being pulled in the airport forcing a dilemma for the tooth fairy giving in dollar or real), and the other girl who is going to start learning portuguese and is unsure of what to do when someone speaks portuguese to her.