Friday, April 1, 2016

Bits March

My creativity is lacking for a good April fools one liner here so I will just go straight to the update.  This month we launched our Wednesday night family groups. We had a good group of people on our list with a good bit of interest until it came to the part about actually coming. The groups have been slower and so we have been focusing on the relationships that we do have. We have had some great conversations, sharing the gospel with some, discipling others and just starting to meet others. 

We had our football game this month, which we lost 24-14; but from that game started a couple conversations with players about God. One had been an atheist at one point in his life, but wanted to know more about God. I was able to give him a quick summary of the Bible and answer a couple of questions. The dynamic in our area for God conversations is interesting. Atheism is rare; most believe in God, have faith, trust in Jesus, are all for prayer; yet still do not understand salvation. They can hear it and even agree with it, but the understanding of repentance and surrender is shallow and takes a while to grasp. It takes God opening their eyes! For Easter I took four guys to Recife where our mother church puts on a big play. We all really liked it!

We have been talking about doing a baptism with our groups here. There are at least 5-6 in consideration for it and that is exciting to us. Pray for discernment for us Pastors through this process and pray for God to expand on the fruit He gives us!

Construction is going strong on the property! I have enjoying my “free gym membership” in the mornings for an hour or two with a pic and shovel. We are in the foundation stage right now and it is going pretty well! Pray for Pastor Carlos as he heads up the construction (link is to give to the project- Account 0133233-006). 

Next Saturday we will have another church service and I get to preach! Pray that God will bless our service. The following Monday (11th) I head to Recife for the week as ABWE is holding a Missionary Kid retreat for our ABWE missionary kids here in Brazil. I am going to be speaking four times to them. Please pray that they would be super encouraged during the week and that God will give me discernment in what I say. This is a precious group of kids that are doing so much already! I am slightly nervous in saying the right words to them. 

We launched our Servant Leaders resource website this past month. We have some interested in the material already. This month I am trying to start an online group in Brazil for studying some of the material. We are also wanting to do seminars here in Arcoverde. Please pray that God opens the right opportunities/venues for these. 

Our family is doing well here in Arcoverde. We love our house, our routine, our ministries and each other. We have had some great times together as a family. Your prayers and support is always so much appreciated. We continue to be amazed at all God has done for us!

All for HIS glory,

David, Sarah and our big school girl who loves her projects, whether it be art or even trying to sew, and our big 2 year old who turns 3 next Wednesday and continues to be very active.