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September 6, 2019
This year I started the fourth grade. I have enjoyed my new teachers and the new activities we have to do. My favorite class has been history, studying about the explorers that came to America in the 1600's. I have also enjoyed math and Bible class. During summer break we had a group from North Carolina that came to Arcoverde. I enjoyed going to different schools with the group and my dad. I even got to translate a couple of times. This picture was taken at a national park we visited with the group.
Last Monday we decided to go to the back of our neighborhood where there are big hills/mountains to climb. We went to where we would start to go up but there were cows and bulls there and Anna Claire had a bright orange shirt on and so we went back to the car, went somewhere else and walked around in the nature where we saw a skeleton from a vertebrae. After that we went down to a huge puddle and threw rocks in it. Anna Claire and I threw lots of little bitty rocks in at the same time and it made a piano sound. After that we had school the next day and it was very fun because I enjoyed the first couple of days whenever we don't have so much work.
A couple weeks ago dad and I played Monopoly and in the afternoon we went up to the Cruzeiro to see the city at sunset to watch the sun go down. It was hard to watch it because the sun was in my eyes.
During the summer we went to Recife to drop off Sarah Rogers. We went to the Dan Inn hotel to stay a night. The next morning we got to eat at the wonderful breakfast buffet they have there and then ate lunch at the mall. I had chinese food. Then in the afternoon we dropped off Sarah Rogers at the airport and then went to the Sheraton hotel. We went to the pool. Anna Claire and I played mostly in the pool. Dad got in some but most of the time he was throwing us in the water. It was very fun. Then we had sandwiches in the room for dinner. Then we watched Netflix on dad's computer and fell asleep.

November 12, 2018

This picture was taken on my birthday when I received roller skates and we went to the pool with my best friend and Anna Claire's friend. Mom's friend made a cake and she put it on the table with an umbrella. We didn't have any wind the whole day until there was a big gust of wind came and flipped the table over and the cake flopped on the ground upside down. Everything happened in slow motion. One of the ladies that was there ran away to her mom's house to see if there was another cake there. I was crying and yelling in English like Ricky Ricardo on I love Lucy. It was crazy. We all couldn't stop laughing about it later. I was crying and laughing about it at the same time. Even the lady that ran away came back and started laughing. Anna Claire and her friend were licking the icing off the ground. We called it the flying cake but it was really like a movie. It was really fun.

 We went to the beach with one of Anna Claire's friends. This was us at the beach. We went to collect seashells. One thing that I liked about the beach was that there were no sharks. My mom bought a little float raft and my dad and I rode the waves with it. We went flying all over the place with the big waves that came in. There are some huge reefs there in the water and I liked to explore them. One time when daddy and I were riding the waves there was a group of people playing on the beach and the wave took us right through them. We almost took them all out, but dad yelled and warned them and then swerved and barely missed them. The only thing that I don't like about the beach is wearing sunblock. The pools were amazing but the hot tubs weren't hot. But I like to swim in the pools. We had two tubs of ice cream and got like five bowls a day. It was fun; I almost video taped Anna Claire and her friend's fights. I liked the beach.

This was my trip to New York. We saw lots of things. One thing was the Statue of Liberty. I've always thought, "why didn't they make her smile?" I liked NYC. The Statue of Liberty was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. It was fun to ride on the buses. They had a top part without a ceiling. I got scared whenever we went on the bridge cause we were so high up. The boat was fun to ride on to see the Statue of Liberty. Our room number at the hotel was actually 911. We didn't have such a good view cause it was right next to another tall building. We walked a lot. I thought my sister was lucky because she got to ride in the stroller. When we arrived, we went on a train, so we walked to our hotel, but we figured out that we circled the first block. When we got there one room was not ready. The first day we saw the Brooklyn bridge. When we got back to the barn, I showed my cousins the post cards I had bought and my cousin said that he liked the one with the cheesecake on it the most.

December 31, 2017
Today is the last day of 2017. It is about time to start a new year. My life might change through the new year. I am about to start thinking about how hard it is going to be to not write 2017 on all my school papers. School might get a little harder. This picture is me; you could probably tell that I am a ballerina. This was at my ballet recital. I was by the mirror. Ballet is harder than it looks. Before I started it looked easy, then whenever I started it was harder. I can do the splits.

Below is a picture of me playing my ukulele. That other person is my teacher Filipe. He can play like 11 instruments and one of them is the ukulele. This was Christmas night. I was playing in front of I think 64 people for my first time. Now you can kind of see that my life is very busy. I do lots of things; school, ukulele and ballet. I enjoy them.

Written October 2017

Hi, this is Evie! My life is not perfect. I am not smiling all the time, but sometimes. I like to just think about words to make a song. My life is basically different from everybody's. Everybody's life is different. So here I am talking about my life. First of all, I have many people surrounding either my family or my friends. I have a friend named Alice. She is really nice. This is a picture of me, her and my little sister. If you are wondering why we are wearing matching tops it is because we are all cheerleaders together. There are other girls that are cheerleaders with us. The shorter girl is my little sister and that is Alice in the middle. My mom is the coach and me and my friends are the cheerleaders. My friends and I sometimes fight. We are not perfect so that is why. But most of the time we don't have a good reason to be fighting. We always don't have a good reason to be fighting. Why we are cheerleaders? Because my dad is the coach of the football team. I kind of had the idea and my mom made it happen.

My family is great. Some of the members of my family are very kind. Actually all of them. This is me in China with my Aunt Anna and Uncle Daniel. She has a child about two years old. We are on a train. Choo Choo. You may not know which one is my Aunt Anna. The train is really crowded. I had drama a lot there. It was prettier than I thought. Some people think that China is not that great, but it is beautiful. I didn't understand many of the Chinese words; actually not any. It is very different.

From April 2017

My name is Evelyn Grace Carrel and some people call me Evie. I have a ukulele. I like dolls.  These are my cousins Emma and Luke that I just spent three months with in the US. We are going back there for one month next year in the summer. This time we spent winter and spring there. My dad and mom sometimes ask us our favorite parts of the day and our worst parts of the day. My sister is always upset whenever dad or mom does not ask us that. If mom or dad ever forget she will call for them. I like to play Dutch Blitz. It is a game that there are colors and numbers from 1-10 and whoever gets their stack of ten out first says Blitz. Whoever gets to 100 points first wins. But if the other person blitzes then you have to count the amount of cards and double the amount of cards. Then you have to take those cards and count your cards.

From Fall 2016

My favorite color is yellow. My favorite type of flower is a daisy. I like to play with my baby doll. I study homeschool in the morning in our house and in the afternoon I go to my Brazilian school Conviver. I am in the first grade and like to teach my friends from school about God.

I sell cookies sometimes in the afternoon in our front yard. I do cheerleading with my friends and we cheer for the Arcoverde Templários. I also like to do all kinds of crafts at home.

From dad: Evelyn is a little girl now! She is growing up so quickly and takes on more and more responsibility. She loves to be like her mother, which is a very good thing. She is very generous to others and plays well with friends. Her portuguese has been very good. She has a tender heart and wants to learn from the Bible. She loves our Bible studies and sings louder than anyone else to the songs she knows. She constantly brings smiles to people's faces and knows how to make people feel good about themselves.

(From July of 2015)

We have been in Pernambuco, Brazil now for a year and a half. I had forgotten portuguese when I arrived, but now I am speaking better. Mainly because I study in a Brazilian school called Conviver. I like my teacher Tia Patricia. I especially like playing on the playground and taking a snack to school. I also finished my kindergarten year at Abeka academy.

I have friends like Alice, Laianne, Samuel, Nichole and others even though I am a little bit shy at school. I have a cute doll and a favorite doll called Ariel. I have a tutu and a crown and some lipstick, and a scarf for her. She also has a beautiful crown with a shell on it. I love to carry her on walks. Usually I ride my bike to the church property where we pray for the church and then go home.

(From April 2014)

I am starting to do school at home with my pretend friends. I am working on my letters, numbers and shapes. I like to go to the park and ride my tricycle, push my dolls in their stroller and swing from the vines in the tree. On the weekends they have trampolines and blow up toys at the park and I always get to go on them.

This week I am in Recife and I got to go to the beach. I liked playing in the sand and in the little pool dad made. Anna Claire is my little baby sister and we played in the pool together and splashed each other and jumped in together. I am giving Anna Claire a little blow up toy for her one year old birthday party.

My baby dolls Lua and Juca are sick. I like to put on my Doc McStuffins outfit and fix them up.

(From November 2013)
I am four years old now. I like to go to Dollywood. I love to go to the park. I love Anna Claire and love going to the park with my favorite baby sister and bring a stuffed animal. I like to draw with my baby sister while she is growing up.

I like to play at the beach. I like to play soccer. I like to play with my little sister Anna Claire. I like to play with my cousins. Daddy, I like to play with you. Uncle Daniel, I like to play with you. I like to play with Pops.

When I was in the Amazon, I played in my favorite spot. I liked my room that I had. I sang songs with Joabe. I liked to play with Geovane and Isabella. I counted and they hid.

In Arcoverde I share a room with my little sister. It has yellow walls with 5 big daisies painted on the walls. I like to help my mom with chores and take care of my baby.

My favorite color is pink and purple. My favorite animal is pupcake, my stuffed dog; I love him cause he has flowers on him. I like to play and jump and have a parade. I like to give everybody balloons. My favorite shirt is my pink shirt and my color top. My favorite movie is the Pirates who don't do anything. My favorite Bible story is David and Goliath. My favorite song is a Formiguinha and I like to sing it in churches.

Emma and Luke I love you; my baby sister I love you. I always like to play. I have a little stuffed cow and a castle. I like to put my stuffed animals in my castle. I want to learn my letters so I can write and read to my baby sister.

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Unknown said...

I loved your post, Evie! Thank you for sharing with us! Your dad spoke to our students at OCA where his friend Mr. Givens teaches, so now we pray for your family. I look forward to reading more about your life in Brasil!

Because of Jesus,
Mrs. Autry