Sarah is the hardest worker in the family. She uses her gift of hospitality to host lots of people. She is enjoying her new house in Arcoverde and has turned it into the family home. She has made many friends in Arcoverde that she has encouraged in their spiritual walk. Sarah takes care of Evelyn and Anna Claire's homeschooling and organizes lots of activities around the house. 

Sarah is the main organizer for the children's ministry and women's prayer group. The women's group is driving the church with their great prayer meetings! Lots of women have been touched. In 2019 she will start her master's in Biblical Counseling in a Brazilian institution, which means it will be a high level of difficulty. Yet she is really excited about it and sees a big need for it! 

The most popular person in our family is Sarah. Most people ask about her and if I arrive at a church without her and the girls, everyone is disappointed. In the Amazon Sarah took care of quite a bit. Life there is a bit more complicated when it comes to household tasks. For example, there are not many cereal options. Sarah made granola, from scratch. We did not have a dryer so Sarah hung up all our laundry (and there is a lot more laundry when your husband sweats through 2-3 outfits a day). Pretty much all the food she made from scratch including bread, tortillas, bagels, pizza, egg-rolls, and many more delicious meals.

Sarah still had time for ministry though as she had cooking and sewing classes for girls between the ages of 5 and 12. She would teach them to cook and then teach a Bible lesson. Her classes grew until the very end when she just had all the girls come on one day because they ignored her requests to not bring friends. The girls loved the classes and several were saved and discipled through Sarah.

She also had a big part in the Judgment Day production that we had at the end of our term. She was in charge of the food (for 80 volunteers) as well as the nursery.

Her favorite thing to do in the Amazon was her afternoon bike ride with Evelyn out to the airport where she enjoyed the beautiful sunsets, skylines and other scenery. She also loved the exercise and wherever she is, she looks for something to do actively.

In the Outback she is using the girls to help plant a church. She takes them to the park, store, and wherever else so that she can meet people. There is a park pretty close to our apartment and she loves strolling the girls there and striking up conversations. It has been easy to talk to people as they are pretty curious about us.

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