Monday, January 26, 2009

The fam again

The other day I went to see my Grandpa. He has recently had some health troubles and they really are not sure how long he is going to live. He has always been a hard worker. He has the biggest backyard wood pile I have ever seen. Since being sick he has not been able to bring the wood in for their wood furnace. So five of us brothers went over there and brought wood into the house. It was quite a bit of fun and it was really special to see my Grandpa soak it all in. I have never seen him with a camera before and he used it quite a bit. He was constantly laughing at our fighting in the snow and mishaps while working. At the end he pulled the truck back and watched our snowball fight with much pleasure. I had never seen him that way before and after-wards with a little tear in his eye, he told us how it was a very special day and that he would always have good memories of the day.
I love that country song about living like you are dying. Obviously, we still need to work and everything, but when it comes to spending time with family and friends, it may do us all good to spend that time living like we were dying, because according to the latest statistics, 100% of people die.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So I think that I get myself wrapped up in a bunch of foolishness. Maybe that is not the right word, but that is how I feel. I have been doing video blog type deals for the last few months and sometimes I just do not know if they amount to anything. Lots of times I feel like I am being too preachy and am unsure of their effectiveness. I think that I look like an idiot and do not know how to talk.
So why do I keep doing them? I keep trying to talk myself out of doing these, but I keep thinking that it is worth it if the videos affect one person in their walk with God. If one person makes one minor positive decision towards their relationship with God, than it is worth it (so long as I am not turning anyone away from Christ). I figure that if people do not like them, they do not have to watch them. And I am sure that has started to happen, but maybe there are people who have decided that they are not too cool to watch them. Who knows. And so I continue. My latest project is a chronological walk through the Bible. After doing the first of forty lessons, I am realizing that this will take a lot of time and will not be easy. Yet, I believe that I will continue. After all, God makes good use of foolishness.