Monday, September 30, 2013

Bits September

Traveling has been the name of the game this month. We started off going to the beach with Sarah’s family. Every year for the past four years Sarah has been depressed when she hears about her family’s beach trips, but this year we were able to take a weekend and go down with them. We had a good time and the girls loved the time with their cousins. 

We followed that week with a couple weeks of illness. That was fun. On the 15th Sarah made Brazilian food to take to a Spanish church in Chattanooga as they celebrated some latin American countries’ independence days. It was different being in a service in a foreign language again! I was thinking about Brazil the whole time as my brain strained to understand everything. The food and fellowship was good!

On the 18th-22nd I went to Prattville, Alabama for Fountain City Baptist Church’s missions conference. The girls were still sick and recovering and so the church received the lower end of the deal but were very gracious about it. It was neat meeting other missionaries, sharing at the church, eating and talking missions. At the end they decided to double our support! What a blessing.

This past weekend we drove to North Carolina to be with Calvary Baptist Church in Raleigh. On Saturday night we had a cookout where I took a pineapple with cinnamon to grill and give them a little taste of something we learned in Brazil. We then shared about ministry and gave tips for their different short term trip opportunities. On Sunday Sarah taught the kid’s SS class while I taught the youth. We both had a great time teaching and throughout the day ministering and being ministered to! We are currently in waiting for next weekend’s meetings and Pastor Frye found us a missions apartment on the coast of NC which we had never been before.

We are still targeting a January departure date even though our support has not gone up too much. If you would like to commit to partner with us, click here. If you would like to just start giving either a one time gift (we need a lot of those) or monthly (I guess we need a bit of this as well!), follow this link

The Trends in Biblical Missions blog has been going well as I have heard of several Pastors who are reading and thinking about these ideas!

We have been chatting to and hearing about interest in partners for the field this month! Keep praying! 

Thanks and God bless.
All for HIS glory,
David, Sarah, our big FOUR year old!!!! and our little crawler (barely) that seems to have more personality every day.