Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bits September

It is game day! One of the things I miss most in the US is sitting around watching college football, snacking and hanging out with family on Saturdays. My brothers and I (and Dad) used to even go out and play a game of football in between games or at halftime. Today, our team gets to play on a Saturday afternoon into evening underneath the lights. This week we had to come together as a team and go after sponsors for our game. It was neat to see the team work together outside of the lines. Last night at our team dinner I talked from Ephesians 4:16 about unity, working together and love. I told them football needed to be a stage in which they worked on not being selfish, working together and loving one another because once they get a family the stakes are much steeper. The football team has been a great opportunity for us to reach into the lives of these players as well as our community.
Once again, construction has dominated this past month. There is great progress though and Lord willing we will have pictures of a Bible study going on in our building for the next update. Not for sure though! Please pray for everything to come together. We had a workday with our study group members this month and it was fun and profitable! They were excited about what the future holds there! 

I participated in a Servant Leaders Strategic Planning weekend meeting over Skype this month. We are excited about what God is doing with SL. We are in charge of the translation and training for Brazil as well as helping out with organizational development and curriculum. Below is when we did a grill out and taught the Conflict Resolution seminar for the group that had finished the Processing Life Biblically class. 

Sarah and the girls are going with me to Tupanatinga once a month (I go every other week) and this last week we had a bouncy ride out to a rural farm. We met a new family and their relatives and talked about what it means to be a disciple. 

In our Arcoverde study group we have had more families coming, which is neat to see. They are excited about being in the building soon and many offer to help in various ways. It is good to see a big part of our group wanting to serve. In many churches 20% of the members do 80% of the work. We all need to make sure we do our part and work together as the body of Christ!

Sarah’s cheerleaders will be on the field this afternoon! They are really cute. Check Facebook for a video soon! Sarah has also been able to go to an English school and teach recipes. The kids all enjoy that! Thanks for all you do so that God’s kingdom can grow here in the Sertão! 

All for HIS glory,

David, Sarah and our little gymnasts; although Evie started ballet again, the girls spend free time playing with polly pockets and performing the floor routine in the kitchen with the youtube gymnast routine music. Also, Evelyn turned 8 last week!