Thursday, February 28, 2019

Bits February

The girls and their friends Julia and Sydney
We are on our way back to Chattanooga from our last meeting as a family where we need to travel. Miami was fun as we went to a missions conference at First Baptist Church of Westwood Lake. They fed us a lot and we were able to visit the beach as well as speak seven different times in services and chapels for their school. February was full of meetings as we went to Huntsville and Athens, Alabama at the beginning of the month. 

First Baptist of Westwood Lake Missions conference

For a few days I went up to Akron, Ohio to meet with Dr. Ken Lowe who is a Pastor at Hope Baptist. He spent twenty years as a missionary in Portugal and has a theological education system that he has been working on. I met him through Servant Leaders and he is partnering with Servant Leaders to come alongside churches to grow their leaders. We bounced ideas off of each other but mainly he taught me about how people learn and grow spiritually. I was also able to interact with the members of his church and preach and teach for the Sunday morning Sunday School and service. We are most excited about the mentorship partnership with him for Arcoverde and his plans to visit and teach once a year. 

Our round trip tickets for this furlough has us leaving for Brazil on March 21. We are really excited about heading back. However, we still need our clearances to leave. Please pray that they will all come in. The main one is our financial clearance. What started out as under $200 to raise per month went up to over $400 a month to raise due to a couple supporters that stopped supporting and raises in health insurance and our overall support level. 
Evie and her soccer team

This can be raised rather quickly whether by current supporters raising our support just a little or by new supporters or past supporters making new commitments. However, if no one can do anything, it could prohibit us from going back on the 21st. Please pray for the support to come in! God has always supplied our needs and we do not doubt He will allow it to come in before we leave. If it doesn’t, we know He has a plan regardless and we will see what we need to do….but we reeeaaaallly are ready to get back! 

At the Keys feeding Tarpon
Thank you so much for all of you who faithfully support us. We have been so blessed. God has been so good to us! So many have loved on us, especially the girls, as we have travelled. Evelyn and Anna Claire were able to go to the Christian school for a couple days in Miami and they loved it. They make friends really easy! Pray for them as the life of a third culture kid is rather unique and can either be seen as a huge blessing or a difficulty, depending on our choice of how to see it. Last night Anna Claire asked me to tell the yellow man story:

There was a man from yellow land that decided to go live in blue land. As he lived there for a while he saw that he started turning color. He ended up being green! He now looked neither blue nor yellow and stuck out in both yellow land and blue land because he was different. 

My girls had some interesting comments and questions with that story, but it is reality for any missionary kid, whether they like it or not. You all have been awesome with the girls. They see love from all over the country! ok, enough for now. God bless!

All for HIS glory,
David, Sarah, my runner up for her indoor soccer league who scored a goal in the championship game, and my little kitty cat lover who has a great friend in Rocky Balboa Carrel (I find it hilarious how much this cat loves Anna Claire and goes to her and lets her cuddle with her).