Thursday, May 5, 2016

Matching Gift!

Hello friends! Good news! We are building on our property here in Arcoverde and hope to be able to use it soon, but there are still funds to raise. We have an anonymous donor that would like to offer a matching gift. Here is their note:

“Hello, we would like to help out with the construction in Arcoverde. We don’t have a lot, but we would like to help out through doing a matching gift because we also know that a lot of little ends up being a lot. Many people are like us and if we all give a little it can go a long ways! Whatever comes in during the month of May we will match up to $2000. We know it doesn’t seem like a lot for construction, but with the exchange rate down there it will go a lot further. God bless.” 

To participate, please go to and click on one time gift. Then put in our account number: 0133233-006 towards Church planting for David and Sarah Carrel. Then send me an email at so that we can make sure everything goes through alright and be able to tell where we are at. If you wish to remain anonymous, that is fine too, just give sooner so that we can see it goes through during the month of May. (sometimes it takes a bit for it to appear in our account). 

Looking forward to seeing the advance in the construction this month. It is super encouraging to know of all your prayers and to see the investment you all have in God’s work down here. In the meantime the girls and I often go out to the property to put a little work in (and sometimes I leave them at home). 

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