We are looking for new partners in ministry!

First of all, church planting partners. We are looking for people willing to go with us to the Brazilian Outback. When we say Outback we are referring to the Sertão, the North Central region of the state of Pernambuco, 4-6 hours by car from the capital city of Recife. In the Sertão, they are under 5% evangelical in each of the 17 towns. Most of them are under 3%. We are going to plant churches and train leaders to plant churches. Our goal spreads beyond the Sertão into the entire state and Northeast of Brazil. Of course, we don't want it to stop there either as we would love to send missionaries over all Brazil and into the world. We are open to all kinds of different gifts and abilities to be used in this task, but especially would love youth workers, musicians, teachers, ESL workers, and so much more!
View our video here.

As of the beginning of 2020 we have planted a base church and another church in a town nearby. There are all kinds of needs in the area and places where we could plant. Since our original plan we have seen that there are indeed other evangelical churches in the area but many are not solid doctrinally.... to put it lightly. In this region there are few with doctrine that is not influenced by the prosperity gospel and/or the charismatic movement.

Secondly, we need people to pray for us and the region of the Sertão. After reading (even before reading, but especially after) the book Church Planting Movements, we recognize the high need of prayer for a movement of churches to start up. Pray for us, and let us know you are! Pray for the Sertanasians (kind of how you say it in English, God will understand). Their hearts need to be prepared for the gospel. Also, let me know about receiving our monthly updates by emailing me at

Thirdly, we need financial partners. Raising support seems like a never-ending task. We need both one time gifts and monthly partners to join us! Click here to give.

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