Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bits April

Someone sent me a message this morning that we should thank God for what has happened this month even though it may have been a difficult month. True words. They came from a man in our neighborhood that is now watching our services and posting them in our neighborhood text group. One month ago he was not doing this, but our colleague Roger has been involved in his life, counseling him, speaking the gospel into his life and he is listening. Praise the Lord.

Several others in the neighborhood are now listening as well and we have built stronger relationships with other neighbors. It has taken lots of time here, a virus, neighborhood floods, but it seems as if some doors are opening up. 

This month has been a month of adjustment to a new way of ministry life. While there are times we are frustrated, we have felt that God is just giving us new perspectives on opportunities we can have in ministry. The online platform can be used more to reach out with our services and we are trying to be more creative with our videos so as to attract new people as well as keep people’s attention! Technically the Word of God should keep everyone’s attention, but we would be amiss if we thought that everyone out there wants to sit down and engulf the Word of God at every possible moment. I took an editing class and am trying to play around with the software and format a little more.

Sarah has been busier now than ever before and she was really busy before! Her main project is her online classes for counseling which have gone well, but she is now working on getting counseling hours in both observing as well as practicing. She has had great opportunities with this. She is also involved with three discipleship groups which have been meeting on video chats or online forums. Besides this are varying projects like organizing gift baskets for our church members and getting a social ministry in our church up and running. There are so many other little details she works on besides taking care of our home as well. Most of the visual fruit that comes from ministry comes from her side of things. 

I have wanted to put our Servant Leader’s material in video format for a while but often lack the motivation, especially when I see how few views they receive. However, we are now using the videos to do our studies and I am taking advantage of that to work through the Servant Leaders curriculum. I have done several classes already and actually started a separate class with a few people from our church on systematic theology. I invited them to participate to learn as well as to be a pilot group in order to test a platform site for classes. As we work through the details of the site we will be able to broaden the scope of our audience and class participants.

As the economy will have questions, we have wondered about the future of missionary giving. Logic would tell us that some of our supporters will be greatly affected. Up to this point we have not heard any news in this regards, but it wouldn’t surprise us if we did. God has taken great care of us through supporters. Sometimes we receive news of a new supporter just as we hear news of discontinued support. God is good and has sustained us and provided so much more than we need or deserve. Praise be to Him and thanks to you all who continue to support us through prayer, finances and encouraging words.

All for HIS glory,
David, Sarah, my teacher Evie to my chapter book reading 7 year old (birthday April 6) Anna Claire (as I write this they have setup their school room where Evelyn teaches Anna Claire)