Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well, the name might not work, but I am once again writing about a crazy idea I have had. It is for Christians who are serious about making disciples and it is for Christians in the workplace. Maybe not whichever workplace will do, but most could. Through college and a little afterwards I was a painter. I enjoy painting, but sure am glad that I am not doing it for a living. But my old boss/crime partner in painting had started this idea at one point.
The idea has to do with combining discipleship and apprenticeship. During work, Ben would take a few minutes out of lunch break talking to a couple of his workers about God. They actually started going through "The Story of Hope" book, which is a chronological overview of God's Redemptive plan in the Bible. You can use it for both evangelism and discipleship.
Owners of small businesses could provide jobs as well as discipleship to a young person in the church, construction workers, painters, plumbers, electricians, etc... could have a youth work under you and have plenty of time for informal discipleship talk on the job, and most people could find some time in their busy schedules to work God's Great Commission.
What do you think? What would work for you and your job or how would you like someone to disciple you as you work?


Aaron Marcelli said...

I like the idea. I work in the school system so religion is something you are supposed to keep to yourself. However, I also live in the Bible belt so most people I work with are Christians and talk about church and God openly, which to be honest makes me uneasy and nervous. If it's talked about so commonly it's almost like it's not as special or meaningful to try and bring God up in public.

And also, the politically correct side of me comes out and is nervous because I don't think it would be acceptable in our school system if someone wanted to talk about their Hindu or Muslim faith.

I like the look of the new site!

David Carrel said...

Yeah, you are right about the politically correct, which is why the idea in your case would be mainly in private conversation. For example, as a teacher, you could look for a college student that would be interested in shadowing you for a while (I know that is required anyway for some education majors) and then show them by practice how to show the love of Christ to students (even if you are not preaching at them from the front). So you would talk to that college student in private more about being a disciple.