Friday, April 18, 2014


Rejection is tough to handle. I remember taking my basketball to school one day during elementary school and at recess we went to play outside. They excluded me when they picked teams even though they used my ball. I sat over next to the wall feeling rejected. It must not have been a good feeling if I still remember it over 20 years later.

Rejection does not feel good and few like to be left out of the crowd. Good Friday is a day when Jesus was rejected by us. He was not just left off the team, but was disgracefully expelled from society. With a beating, spitting and mockery He went to the cross.

Jesus understood God's sovereign plan for His life. He understood that it would mean rejection and He accepted that and did not react negatively to the plan.

We will all feel rejection at some point in our lives. We can react negatively or accept it as part of God's sovereign plan and have a proactive response. Jesus reacted with forgiveness not revenge and our reaction should be similar.

As in the rejection of Jesus we receive the gospel, so in our rejections we have a chance to display the gospel.

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