Tuesday, January 27, 2015

So young

I just found out that a college friend, Jack Blevins, passed away from a 4-5 year battle with cancer. Last year another friend from high school passed away as well. Death is cruel. It does not come at our convenience. Mike was a good father and husband and Jack was an amazing person. Both parted in their early thirties, an age way too young to die.

Before I found out the news today I was doing a Bible study on the return of Christ and was able to share about Jack and the hope that he had and the faith it gave him to live life despite the cruelest of circumstances. It struck me once again how the reality of the resurrection of Christ allows us to look forward to a certain time in the future when we will resurrect with Christ and be with God forever. We have hope like no other. The reality of forever with God puts our life in perspective today allowing us not to worry about our present circumstance, hate those wronging us, and not live in fear of whatever is around the corner.

Jack encouraged me often in the last year through humbling comments that left me in awe. Please be in prayer for his wife Cherri as she goes through this time. She took the last few months off from work to spend with him before he departed. She stood by his side, lovingly caring for him while he weakened and his pain strengthened. Praise the Lord that she lives with this same hope that we can all live with as we put our faith in Jesus Christ.

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