Saturday, May 2, 2015

A relationship that works

The last few months have been very exciting and difficult. We are building a house in Arcoverde, Northeast, Brazil and it is the first (and probably last) time we have built a house. I was warned it would be difficult and so I shouldn't be surprised that it has been.

When I go to work on the house I feel as if I am doing it for my family and thus feel as if it is family time. My wife and I have talked about this because being gone so much between ministry and building a house has been hard on the family. In my mind I am doing it for them, but my wife brought in a new perspective. She said that she appreciated my work and knew that my motives are good, but that what she really wants is to spend time with me. All the work I am doing for the family is good, but means

nothing without the relationship. What a great point. A point I must learn from not just inside our family, but in my relationship with God.

Many times we want to work, work, work for God and do everything for Him, but that cannot go without a relationship with Him. This is the same thing Jesus was saying with Mary and Martha. Perhaps the better part is not in the service, but in sitting at Jesus' feet. God desires mercy and not sacrifice (Hoseia 6:6). Our works for Him will never mean more than our love for Him. Of course the love should be what drives the works (Ef. 2:10).

A few years ago the book "The Shack" came out with a little bit of controversy. I usually do not try to sign bad intentions to people and read it for what it was worth. And I learned something very important to me from the book. The author concentrated on the relationship and interaction between the persons of the trinity. They are three separate personalities that have different roles, yet they are one in Spirit and with their unity. God wants us to be part of that relationship. He wants us, not to be God of course, but to be part of that very close relationship.

Many work to provide a better life for their family, but remember that the family will only be there as long as the relationship is there. And remember that God wants that same relationship with you.

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