Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What today's politics shows us

Brazil has a pretty corrupt government and in recent years the people have recognized why and posted why. The government is corrupt because the people are corrupt. The government is a reflection of the people and we are a people that has been dumbed down.

How long will it take us in the US to see why we are where we are at politically? It amazes me that in an age of so much information we can be so misinformed. There are so many great sites, videos, articles out there that can help us find growth in areas of weakness. Yet our priority is displayed when our feeds are filled with memes and murders. Our preoccupation with the news, politics and sports keeps us from books with oceans of knowledge. I can't help but wonder what would happen if we started sharing TED talks and lecture links that could contribute positively to our daily interaction. If our conversation turned to encouragement and help rather than the easy to have Debby Downer newscast we frequently find ourselves covering.

Today I listened to part 1 of 30 Biblical counseling sessions that are free on youtube. Biblicaltraining.org has free classes for new Christians all the way to Pastors. TED talks are usually really good and done by experts in their field. Then youtube can allow you to learn all kinds of different trades/abilities. Don't slump to using technology just for your entertainment, use it for your growth. And if you need to pay for information in order to take it seriously, let me know and I can get you on something.

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