Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bits April

Baptism day (link is for pictures of it on facebook). Our first baptism as a church took place today (Sunday) and it went really well! Pastor Roger Smith gave a little devotional in which he talked about the meaning of baptism as well as the spiritual warfare that goes on when it comes to baptisms. Gabriel was planning on being a half hour early, but his dad went to the store and didn’t come back for a long time. His family had not been totally in favor of the baptism, but he still wanted to get baptized. His dad has said he would come to different activities, including today, but still hasn’t come. After Gabriel was baptized he gave me a huge hug.  

Pedro, Bia’s little brother, was also going to be baptized but his mom didn’t allow him. But his mom was there! She was able to see her daughter (Bia) and son-in-law (Chico) be baptized. She has come to several studies and we will see what God does in their lives in the future. Chico and Bia were thrilled to be baptized and I hope that it will be a big step in their spiritual life. They moved about 50 minutes away due to work. Now we will see about doing a study in their town every couple of weeks or once a month and they will come here for some services and studies as well. Sickness has been hindering more fellowship with them for the last couple of months which makes the spiritual life even harder.

Roberta was also baptized. Her husband dropped her off after coming yesterday as well for the baptism (she messed up on the date). We went out to lunch with them and it went pretty well (they have actually been separated for about 7 months). While we were at the restaurant Breno and Mis showed up. They have really enjoyed going through a Christian family study! Mis has a church background but this church/God thing is totally new for Breno. This last Wednesday he remembered the contents of a verse and left us all amazed. 

The other to be baptized was Evelyn. I am always nervous about kids and their understanding but Evelyn has really expressed a good understanding of the gospel. I think many of you know how special it is to be able to baptize your own children. Here is a link to watch the video if you would like.  She did so well! 

This month with football we have had a good deal of adversity. I have inserted the gospel a couple times through it all. Please pray that the players will see their need for the it! In a month from today a team will arrive from the US to do a football clinic for teams from NE Brazil. We are really pumped about it as there is some great experience coming. We plan on showing the movie Woodlawn which has the gospel in it as well as doing talks on character and the spiritual side of life. 

The Cetak building now has walls! They have been working on the foundation and a couple days ago they started laying the bricks for the walls. We are super excited! But we also know that our funds are getting low. Mid-year is a great time for a donation! Hint hint!

You all are great! We love and appreciate you so much. Your sustaining prayers have done so much more than you know!

All for HIS glory,
David, Sarah, my six year old baptized little helper, and our energetic three year old (she turned 3 on April 6)! 

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