Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Family life

I grab my phone once again to try to film what I just witnessed. Anna Claire quotes Thumper from Bambi when he talks about eating his greens while Evelyn and Sarah coach her through and play the part of Thumper's mama. We make her repeat it to get it on video to show to our family.

This happens pretty much daily. Anna Claire says and does something cute or Evelyn shows responsibility and tells about the hilarious happenings at school. Yesterday Evelyn set up a cookie/brownie/lemonade stand and sold out. She learned about economics and responsibility and had a heart for giving through it all!

Family life has its share of stresses, like 1000 mooooms yelled out each day, but overall it has been fun and a huge joy. I wish I could say that I were the perfect father, but alas I can only say that the girls have a perfect mother. Well, pretty much. She does a great job giving attention and teaching them. She is the one who "puts up with them" when she needs to during the day. But she has done a great job of finding a balance in play and work. So much so that Evelyn gladly does her chore chart when asked and even when not asked. Both girls love helping their mother in the kitchen. Well, Anna Claire enjoys the process, using the word help may be exaggerating a little bit.

As Evelyn and I played Monopoly the other day I heard the sound of scissors cutting and then watched as my light brown hair fell in front of me. As my eyes popped out of my head I turned to see Anna Claire's popped out as well. "What in the world are you doing?" I couldn't really get too mad though, cause who would think? Anna Claire had already practiced on her own hair a month ago when she started working on one side of her own head. Crazy little energy bomb!

On the Fourth of July we had a wonderful family day. We started off with a good breakfast and talk with my parents and then headed off to the park. The girls played there for a while and then we came home, grilled and ate a delicious lunch. In the afternoon we played hide and seek in the yard. Evelyn continues to grow in strategy in all the games she plays as well as improving her inherited competitiveness (by way of her father) that can be a little strong at times.

Sarah and I love laying down on Sunday nights after the Bible study in our home has brought several families together. We know that the work is not about ourselves and it brings great satisfaction. We often find moments of laughter together during the day as our crazy life unfolds or our crazy girls act themselves. After each game I coach I relish the time after when I can just be with my family and hug and talk to them.

Although I still lecture them on me not being responsible for dressing their dolls, I do enjoy playing with the girls. Time with them is set aside as well as random wish granting. Children bring joy to life. If we become so indulged in our work that we see them of little importance, we miss out on one of God's greatest blessings in our life. Even more important than them is my wife! Any wife can be the greatest joy giver or greatest joy killer. Be careful who you marry! And once you marry, value your wife as the precious jewel that she is and that I know I have.

I hope you don't read this seeing arrogance on my part in regards to my family; my prayer is that it be a challenge to have a thriving family life!

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