Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Family! We love seeing family. A main reason we have done more frequent furloughs is so our families can see each other more often while our girls are younger. However, we were able to fly up to New Hampshire this month to see my brother and his family. Dan has twins Anna Claire’s age and a nine month old. It was our family’s first time to ever see them in person and we all had a lot of fun. We also enjoyed attending a service at their church. 

Our second family trip was to LA! Lower Alabama. Sarah’s mamaw lives down there as well as a couple aunts and uncles. We had some good talks there and were able to visit Silas First Baptist, a church that has been involved in our ministry in Brazil. 

While there I finished a class project for my Strategic Thinking class. These classes have been very practical to ministry and this was no different. I developed a strategic plan for implementing the Servant Leaders ministry in our church plant. When one looks at disciple making it can be divided up into evangelism, discipling and leadership training. The Servant Leaders ministry at our church will help all parts of disciple making, but it is mainly designed for leadership training. Please pray with us that God will already prepare hearts for leadership. 

Servant Leaders for Brazil continues in its development. We have someone translating seminars and then I am working on a new website, power point development and planning for using it. 

On Saturday we leave for North Carolina to visit two supporting churches. Our friend Alison from Brazil is flying in for a few days while we are there and then we will pick up some football equipment in Huntsville, Alabama. After he leaves we head up to Michigan for a couple weeks. Sunday March 19 we speak at our home church, Heritage Baptist. The following Sunday we will be in Appomattox, Virginia. No we will not be ending anything there from our mixed marriage. We will be speaking at our college friend, Jonathan Watson’s church. After that we will head home and should be mostly in Chattanooga until April 20 when we head back to Brazil. Please pray for safety for us as we travel! 

The construction in Brazil is making progress. We are looking to prepare a couple rooms in order to start using the building. There are plenty of details to be working on and we need around twenty eight thousand more dollars to finish this phase. 

We are always looking to the future. If you or your church are interested in going to Brazil, we would love to host trips for VBS, English camps, football, cheerleading or any other specialty. We will have a training building that can be used to teach special skills that can be used as an outreach to the community! 

Thank you all for your sustaining prayers and support! 

All for HIS glory,

David, Sarah, my little story writer Evelyn, and her student Anna Claire who is learning to write letters, though not exactly cohesive 

Cousins in South Alabama

Which one is mine??????
Ice skating!

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