Friday, November 1, 2019

Bits October

Music for children's day!

Children’s Day was a big event at our church again this month. October 12th is aimed at pleasing the kids; actually most schools have events the whole week to celebrate. We had an event that afternoon and had a good amount of kids running around all afternoon and evening. We had a theater group from the church in Recife come and our church people put in a lot of work. We had a great time and even saw some neighborhood kids present. 

This month we planted trees in our neighborhood with some of our neighbors. I try to be involved as I can in the neighborhood so that people will feel more comfortable with us being there. Lord willing we will see them start coming to church. It is a long process though as most are wealthy catholics. They have been fine and friendly but are very reserved about coming to a service. Fortunately we have had lots of opportunities to get to know them. I believe that slowly there will be a greater acceptance. One influential neighbor tells others about us and promises me he will come to church that Sunday almost every time I interact with him but is yet to come. I bet he has made ten promises to attend. 

Service in Tupanatinga
This next month we are going to have an inauguration service for the church in Tupanatinga. They were waiting to get the banner ready to put up until they had an official service. I think they really want an opportunity to invite friends and family. We have a great solid core group. Pray that God will use them to win their friends and family to Christ. I see they have a great desire for that but the field is hard. 

This month we are also driving to Sarah’s master’s class as a family. It is about a 12 hour trip, which seems a little harder than an equally timed trip in the states; mainly because the roads and cars are not as good. We are taking the girls to a big water park they have there (yeah, summer is here and it is hot). We will get a chance to see where Sarah’s classes are, take some books home for our resource center and counseling ministry and then have some family time as well. 

Sarah was one of the main organizers for a baby shower
We have done some counseling this month as well. Sarah is learning a lot in her classes and we see how effective this ministry can be. Pray less people in our church need counseling! Actually, I am kind of serious because our discipleship groups have great potential for spiritual growth that can help avoid some of these crisis that happen. Right now we have about 15 men and 12 women involved in groups but we are hoping these numbers grow for next year and we are deciding on how we want to structure them. 

Anna Claire loved the paddle boats
Partners have been key for us here. Knowing how many people pray and support us as well as all the teams that have come down and been influential here. We have a small team coming next week to check out the work for their trip next summer with a bigger group. Our co-workers Roger and Marcy Smith who have been here all along, but been much more present in the last year and a half, are great mentors for us in missionary life and work. All the work we all have put in has seen fruit and we get to see it up close even though we are just a fraction of all the work it takes to have a ministry here. Thank you for your service! 

All for HIS glory,
David, Sarah and my ballet girl (Evie started ballet again last week) and my little painter (Anna Claire was helping paint yesterday on our second floor which is almost finished and ready to use! 
We enjoyed a trip to visit our missionaries in Triunfo, that also has some tourist things to do! 

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