Short term trips

We have had a good amount of interest in short term trips the last couple of years. We are now limiting how many short term teams come down to two per year.  Here are a few ideas to do if you decide to come!

English camp: Anyone who speaks English; come and we can organize times for students to start on English basics or converse with someone who speaks. We already have contacts at English schools here that would help quite a bit.

Youth event: Need youth Pastors, youth leaders and maybe some students to run this. We could do either a youth retreat for area churches, or a little camp, or just a fun packed evening of games, activities and talks.

Basketball clinic: Are you into basketball? Can you do some teaching or playing at all?

Soccer: This might be a little more complicated, but if a good team could be put together, we could at least play some teams here.

Other: If you have an idea or a specific talent/ability or a group that does something, let us know and we might be able to do that here as well.

We would love to have you come down! If you are interested, please contact me at

Airline costs are generally between 600-1200 dollars per person from the US to Recife, Brazil

Transportation: It really depends on the group; if it is 5 people or less, the cost would be much less. If it is more, we can do it, just will cost a bit more.

Food: Plan on at least $10 a day per person.

Housing: This also depends on the size of the group. Small groups can stay with us. Otherwise it will be $20 a day for housing.

Ministry: Depending on what ministry is being done, there could be costs for this.

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Unknown said...

What a glorious vission n ministry you r doing.God richly bless you in all u r doing.

I know u have alot to be doing this year,but would you please kindly consider reaching your marvelous service to the Word-hungry people of rural remotest Busia county Kenya..?

We are called to preach n reach the gospel to the poor inhabitants of rural remotest Busia,and also help the widows and orphans .

Thanks in advance for your positive response as we look forward to hearing from u n working with you.

To God be all the glory n honor n dominion. Amen n amen.

Your loving brother
Apostle Javan Outtah
P.O BOX 702 CODE 50400