Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Even if

When Rack, Shack and Benny were asked by the king to bow down before his image, they refused. They said that they would not disobey God understanding that their consequence would be to go through the fiery furnace. They said that they knew God could deliver them, but EVEN IF not they would still obey God. Faith is trusting in God enough to obey His Word. Sometimes I wonder if I have faith, but really I need to look at my obedience level. Am I obeying God and trusting His Word? If I am, then I am showing faith. And if I am not, then I need to be like the Centurion in the gospels who said, Lord I believe, help my unbelief. Our faith ultimately comes from God and we should never stop asking for it.


Kristin said...

Here's a conundrum. It may be helpful, but then again, it might be a pain in the neck:

What if the "still small voice" of God we're supposed to listen to tells us something different from what's written in the Bible?

What is obedience, in this case? How do we know?

Seda said...

Oops. That was really Seda. The dangers of using the same computer...

David Carrel said...

haha, that is ok. If the still small voice tells you different than what is in the Bible, then it is not the voice of God. God will never change from His Word.
It is so tough sometimes to know what is of God, and what is of the devil. I really struggle with that too. But that is why reading and studying the Bible is so important. We can know the obvious decisions that are not of God.
Thanks for the comment Seda!