Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Last evening thoughts

Well, tomorrow Sarah and I leave for Brazil. I have had many random thoughts, mixed emotions, busy days, and great conversations these last few days. I have had fun convincing people that we are not dying, just leaving the country for a few years. No, it has not been that bad. I have not cried as much as I thought I would. Maybe it is because I am so excited, or cause I am trying to be strong for Sarah, or it could be the result of being cold-hearted, haha. Well, hopefully not that last one. There are several things that I think of that make me cry on the spot. For some reason, whenever we pray as a group I start to tear up. Tonight we said goodbye to Emma and Luke, our neice and nephew. That was hard for me because I am not going to see them grow up. I love playing with them and they seem to enjoy it too and I cannot bear the thought of them not knowing who we are in a couple years. The last thing that really makes me want to cry is how many people have been there for us, praying, supporting, giving much more than we deserve, and their overall love and care for us. We are undeserving of the many friends and family that we have that care so deeply for us. There are so many that would give us the shirt off their back and then thank me for the opportunity to give it. One cannot ask for better friends than that. So if you are one of those people, know that I am shedding tears here thinking about your love and being so grateful to God for you.


Jewda said...

I'm really excited. I cried when thinking about you guys finally getting to go, but I'm not stone cold like you.

Seda said...

Bon voyage! How long will you be gone?

David Carrel said...

Jeff, you cried? I am just kidding, I cried little bits of tears quite a bit, one big cry, and a lot of trying not to.
Seda, thank you. Probably four years at a time. But I hope to always be online! haha.