Wednesday, November 5, 2008


You know, I think that there will be a lot of surprises in heaven. One will be who all is there. On prefield ministry we traveled to all different types of churches and with our many other travels, we have seen all kinds of different churches. Even down here in Brasil, the churches are different. I think that we can have church in all different kinds of ways and still get the main point of worshiping God.
But I think that God had a great purpose in creating the church. He did not just create it cause it sounded like a good idea. He desires that we first of all glorify God. We do that so much in the church. But we also do that by following the idea of church in having fellowship with other believers. That fellowship glorifies His Name. One purpose of the church is to heal us when we are broken. We encourage others through difficult times in the church, and then when we go through hard times, we may be encouraged as well. I know people who leave the church when going through hard times personally, but that is the time where in the church they should be encouraged and be rallied around.
There is a lot to say about serving in the church as well. JFK's quote about the country is just as applicable with the church, "It is not what your church can do for you, it is what you can do for your church." We should all be servants in our local church!


Jewda said...

Yes, one church in many styles. I just think it's cool that someone can saved in so many places. People that like traditional settings have a lot of options; if they like rock music and casual atmospheres, there are a lot of options, too. There aren't as many hip hop churches, but maybe you can start one. I think it's great that God is way bigger and more creative than I ever gave Him credit for.

Seda said...

I'm sure you agree, there's so much more to glorifying God that what happens in church. Watching a sunrise. Tossing an earthworm off the sidewalk to save its life. A walk on the beach. Any time we glory in God's creation, we glorify Her.

Interestingly, when I encountered the greatest challenge of my life - when I was most broken - the only people who rejected me were the most ardent and devout Christians. And they rejected not only me, but my entire family. One of the people who offered the fullest love, support, and acceptance was a preacher's son who frequently states that "God hates him, and he hates God." Yet when he embraced me in my struggle, was he not glorifying God?

I like what Jewda said. There are so many ways to do it - in church and out. And church does have a great power to create community. What kind of church community do you want for yourself? For the beggars on the street? For the transpeople struggling to make their place in the world? For the ...

David Carrel said...

The church community I would want for myself: What a great thing to think about. I have often wondered what a church would be like if I could have it however I would like.

The ideal church community would be one in which anyone could be a part. The "lowliest" or "poorest" (in people's eyes) would be treated the same as the rich. The Bible would constantly preached not only from the pulpit, but from the lives of every single member of the church through how their lives are lived out. The church would truly be a body that worked together having everyone use their spiritual gift and their resources to serve one another. The Bible would be followed in every aspect.
Of course, having said that, in the Bible the church was not close to perfect either and people died, were disciplined in the church, and did not obey the leading of the Holy Spirit.
The reality of a perfect church is that we are all imperfect people trying to live godly in a tough time where falling or sinning is so easy.
Well, that is all for now.