Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So Sarah has got me running consistently now. Really it is her who is the consistent one. This past Saturday she went out without me and didn't come back at the normal time. I went out to check on her and she was finishing her 9th lap, which was 5 miles! I was astounded, especially since we started with 2 laps just two months ago and she already quadrupled that. So yesterday I ran the 5 miles with her. I was thinking about it and I have always wanted to run a marathon and so I might try to soon since I am running with Sarah anyway.
Speaking of things that I have always wanted to do: My good friend Nathan made a list of things he wanted to do and put it on his blog. So I am going to put a list here of possible things that I would like to accomplish at some point:
-Run a marathon
-Flip a house
-Publish a book
-Have a good enough marriage to be able to speak on the topic
-Have kids
-Earn an honorary doctorate (that is a joke)
-I think that I would like to Pastor a church at some point if God would like
-Be involved in making a movie (I say make cause it would probably be unprofessional, but I would like to be involved in one).
-hit a home run in softball (it might just have to be an in the parker)
-be fluent in several languages

ok, well that is all for now. It ended up being less serious than I thought because I couldn't think of much to write.


Jeff Selph said...

So I gave everyone else 10 hours to post a comment. Losers.

Here's what I want to accomplish:

hitting a homerun in softball
being thin again
go an entire day without making a joke (doubtful)
be a cop (not sure how that works with ministry)

David and Sarah Carrel said...

what is the point of going an entire day without making a joke? No sense in that. I think being a cop would greatly enhance your ministry.

Jeff Selph said...

I just want to see if I could do it. That would be some accomplishment. I think it would pretty much mean me going an entire day without talking.

Bryan Allain said...

you don't want to run a marathon. i've seen people at the end of a marathon. it's like a war zone.

i never hit home runs in little league, but i've hit a handful playing softball and the feeling is amazing.

with you on the book thing too.

David and Sarah Carrel said...

haha, hilarious Brian. I ran a half marathon or it was 15.6 miles a while back and I couldn't walk right for four days. haha. I think it had something to do with my lack of training considering I ran 10 miles once before the race and that is it.