Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book ideas

I always have ideas for another book. Some of them are as follows (now don't be stealing these all you authors out there):

Missions: Changing the way the church does Mission work

Christian=Disciples: If you are saved, does that make you a disciple or is it separate? If only disciples were believers, how would that revolutionize the Christian world?

A fiction book on the steps a missionary takes in arriving on the field.

Balance in the Christian life: There are so many books out there on secrets to the best prayer life, devotional life, going radical for Christ, but what about learning to just maintain a balance rather than getting burnt out.


Daniel said...

Most Nepalis use both the Gregorian Calendar and there Nepali Calendar. I read that is based on both the sun and the moon. It said that every 3 years they have an extra month to make up for the time that they miss in there calendar. Most stores have the Nepali Calendar up and some people really have no idea how our calendar works. It is very interesting. I read that there calendar started after a very likable king was in power a long time ago.

Bryan Allain said...


i think the most intriguing idea is the disciple one. Christ did call us to make disciples, so how does that differ from making converts? Would be interesting to read.

The other ideas have promise too, but they're pretty vague as you stated them. I think you'd need to narrow the focus down a bit.

keep writing!