Monday, May 4, 2009

Preparing for the best

So last week we had salmon and shrimp during the week and also bought walnuts. Why? Omega 3. Apparently Omega 3 helps develop the brain in the baby and is especially good during the third trimester. So as an investment in the future, I plan on getting a lot of salmon and walnuts. We also need to play Mozart. Why? Maybe a nice scholarship to college is in the future if we buy it. Also, less time needed in help with homework.
But what if you know this stuff and just do not do it? Are you saying that you want your kid to be dumb or does it just show your apathy? I know that I do not want to destine my child for failure, but does not buying those things really reveal that?
ok, so I am kind of joking about meaning to get your kid to fail. I know that no one actually means to do that.

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