Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Soccer Tourney

Last night Sarah and I laughed about quite a few things. The night before we had gone to a renewing of the vows wedding ceremony for some colleagues of ours. At the wedding a little boy asked us, "When you laugh, do you laugh in Portuguese, or English?" We laughed and then I told him that when I am on the computer it depends on if I am writing in English (lol, haha) or Portuguese (hehe,jajaja).
We left the wedding early enough to attempt to get a good night's rest before we woke up in a flurry of preparation for the soccer tournament. All week I had seen that the weather forecasts called for rain but I had not given up hope, until 45 minutes before the tourney was to start when it began to downpour. I called and canceled everything, and then went to the field to meet my friends and tell them it was canceled. By the time three of them had showed up the rain had stopped. The three meteorologists then predicted no rain for the rest of the day despite the full cloud cover (and forecast of rain all day). On top of that, they said that they could not do the tournament any other day and talked me into still playing. So I called everyone back and we went on with it. Three teams showed up and we started playing with a light rain that turned into a heavy rain by the second half. Then we played the second game in a lake (and the field we use is all dirt inside a tall fence). It was muddy and sloppy to say the least.
The main purpose of the event was to share the gospel a little as well as to invite the guys to study the Bible. That mission was accomplished and we had one young man that was interested in possibly coming to our Thursday night Bible study that we do at our house. So even though the tournament was not all that I imagined it would be, and much shorter, we still accomplished the main purpose and for that we give praise to the Lord.
We then went back to our house and I handed out the prizes, said a little something about being there to share about the Bible, our Pastor here gave his testimony, and then we ate (all took place in our car port because everyone felt bad about entering the house).


A. Amos Love said...

Praise Him

Saw your blog on Blogger under missionaries
and shared a little of your world in Brazil.

Enjoyed your writing about
"Keeping Balanced." and
What is the right way?

Sounds like you have been questioning
what you have seen and experienced.

Well, Jesus asked us to follow Him.
Not follow man, our own thoughts,
or a set of rules.

My sheep hear my voice,
and I know them,
and they follow me.
John 10:27

And why call ye me, Lord, Lord,
and do not the things which I say?
Luke 6:46

To this end was I born,
and for this cause came I into the world,
that I should bear witness unto the truth.
Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.
John 18:37

Lord that we may hear your voice clearly
and be quick to obey.

The scriptures warn us about;
the commandments of men,
the doctrines of men,
the precepts of men,
the philosophies of men,
and the traditions of men
that make the word of God of non effect.

We are also warned about:
false apostles,
many false prophets,
false teachers,
false Christ's,
false brethren,
and the list goes on.

There are a lot of potholes and
on this journey.

I've hit a few of them myself
and it hurts.

You might have to learn
to hear from God for yourself
to know what is right for you

It is written in the prophets,
And they shall be all taught of God.
John 6:45

But the Comforter, [which is] the Holy Ghost,
whom the Father will send in my name,
he shall teach you all things...
John 14:26

Howbeit when he,
the Spirit of truth, is come,
he will guide you into all truth...
John 16:13

Deuteronomy 4:36 Out of heaven
he made thee to hear his voice,
that he might instruct thee.

Exodus 19:5 Now therefore,
if ye will obey my voice indeed,
and keep my covenant, then ye shall be
a peculiar treasure unto me...

Jeremiah 7:23 But
this thing commanded I them,
saying, Obey my voice,
and I will be your God,
and ye shall be my people.

John 10:16 And other sheep I have,
which are not of this fold:
them also I must bring,
and they shall hear my voice;
and there shall be one fold,
and one shepherd.

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Be blessed and be a blessing.

A. Amos Love -

A. Amos Love said...
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