Friday, November 29, 2013

Bits November

One more month to raise our support and it is definitely do-able! Several hundred dollars of monthly support commitment came in this past month as well as our accounts getting a good boost from all our faithful supporters and from some churches we visited. We now need around $460 a month and $12000 (this was at around 19k a couple months ago) in one time amounts. As long as the exchange rate stays where it has been lately, that one time amount has gone down some. It will depend mainly on how our moving goes and how much we can get a good car for. 

We spoke at Calvary Baptist in Red Bank, TN this last month. We really enjoyed that and it is neat to see how the Lord is blessing that church. I did run that marathon earlier this month and did not die somehow! It was really hard, but praise the Lord I finished. 

This next month we will be speaking in one small group meeting and then work on raising the rest of our support. Praise the Lord for the providential meetings He has given us so far. Two people this past month said they had given because it was obvious that God had brought us together. Please consider either giving a one time gift this month or pray about being a monthly supporter! We know that there are many who are praying as well and we appreciate you all so much!

Please pray also as we apply for Anna Claire's permanent Visa. God bless you all!

All for HIS glory,
David, Sarah, our energetic four year old who is grateful for her family and all her toys, and our crawling, pulling up booger bear that has had a month long runny nose.

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