Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I might be in trouble; the holiday season still has 21 days in it. You know, the time when Cranberry Sierra Mist is available. I have already had it for a week straight and habits only take 21 days to stick. I guess my saving grace will be the holiday season ending and my lack of contacts in the black market.

When people think of addictions, they mainly think of the hardline drugs or alcohol, but we can be addicted to anything. Most of us are addicted to something and that something usually has consequences. We do not often think about them, but let’s ponder those consequences for a moment.

My first question is how much does your addiction cost? Do you realize what that means to you financially? I have been amazed at the Starbucks business. My brother now works there and he said there are people in there 2-3 times a day buying a mocha costalotofmoneycino. Let us just say you are not insane like that though and buy one a day; that equates to 30 dollars a week and over 120 dollars a month! 

Cigarettes at a pack a day; $180 a month.
2 cokes a day; at least $60 a month. 
Online porn site; I have no clue.
Gambling; the house always wins
Marijuana, cocaine, other drugs; pretty high up there.
Prescription meds; those are expensive too.

Those are just a few items;I know there are many more. 

After money costs; what about health costs? Smoking has serious diseases associated to it, but Coke might rank up there too due to obesity’s high risk problem in our society. Addiction to caffeine can also cause headaches.

Time could also be a factor if you talk about addictions like games, internet, smoking, porn, or gambling. Could you be doing something better with your time? Are you robbing your employer by your addictions (Yes, I saw you playing candy crush while your boss was on his smoke break). 

So if you are addicted and you think it may be having a negative impact on your life, what can you do to stop? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow0lr63y4Mw  You can try that; it may help. Or you can try to replace it with something good for you. If you cut something out, you are going to have to fill it with something else. Instead of looking at bad stuff, read a book (I know a really good long one that you can reread quite a few times and it still is interesting and good). Like to drink a lot, try water! Like to eat a lot, try healthier foods. Learn to be addicted to good things like exercise, volunteering, and healthy foods and drinks. 

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