Thursday, January 16, 2014

"You just made my heart"

Evelyn says "You just made my heart" whenever you do something that really makes her day. That is just one of the 14 things she regularly says that do not make sense. For her and for most other people, little acts of kindness really go a long way. I have found people shocked when I go out of my way to help. On Monday I took three minutes to give a lady a jump on her car. She said that she had asked six people already. Small little acts of kindness in public has brought shocked looks from people. I cringe to think that the reason for this is that kindness is not the norm. People think of themselves and their busy schedule and ignore little needs around them.

Be aware of your surroundings and not so focused on yourself that you forget to reach out to others. In public I constantly see needs as small as holding the door open for someone, helping with change, letting an older or disabled person cut, or lending a hand to someone who only has two when three are needed. God gives us these opportunities for His love to shine; take advantage of them!

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