Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tim Tebow

I am one of those people that reads all the articles on Tim Tebow. Not because I was ever a Gators or Broncos (or Jets) fan, or cause I think he is the best unused talent around (I don't think that), but because I want good to win. I often look out for Christians who are not ashamed to say they are Christians and silently root for them.

The world needs good role models right now. With all the wrong things going on, it is nice to see people trying to stand up for what is right without an in the face approach. Wherever Tim Tebow has gone he has won over people. I am pretty sure that most people that have really known him and talk to him have ended up respecting him and that is the kind of guy for whom I want to root.

I follow his foundation on Twitter and it is really neat to see all of the stuff his foundation does for the needy; especially Timmy's playroom where sick kids can get away. Who can't love that? Tim Tebow is an example of someone genuine. I don't think you can question his motives because you know he is for real. I think we can all be genuine as well if we put our mind to it. Love God and love others as yourself. We all mess up, but we can admit it and try harder (meaning depend on God more).

This year I am hoping he can get in the game and make a few plays and maybe even shut a few people up, but if he doesn't, I hope he knows he can come play for our team in Brazil, take over my position and help us with our church plant!

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