Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bits August

Disciple making is the main command of Matthew 28:19-20. Lots of times we immediately think of conversion as the command, but it isn't; it is the whole process. As we ponder this, we realize that every step in disciple making is important. This month we have seen many steps made in this process and it is pretty exciting.

I thought about stopping with the football ministry for a while. It seemed no one was interested in the studies from the team. But this month, in most of the studies there have been 3-6 guys coming out. A couple of them have been very faithful and even though they have not made a decision yet, they are enjoying the study, coming back, learning, and more importantly, hearing the gospel just about every week. 

Besides this, the team is having me do a short devotional talk each week. The team is very respectful during these times and I am grateful for these opportunities. We have also continued to have English conversation which has opened more doors as far as kids interested in other studies.

Gabriel is over halfway done with the Story of Hope with me and really enjoying it and wanting to dig deeper. His study time is a highlight in my week as his interest really encourages me. I am sure you will hear more about Gabriel in future emails. 

Sarah has been busy with Evelyn doing school. Evie was also able to go back to her Brazilian school and visit her friends there. She constantly invites her friends to our studies. 

We are supposed to start construction on the walls of the church this month! The floor plans are just about ready for the church and so Carlos is working on contracting the workers for the start. Pray this goes well! Pray he finds the right workers for the job, as good trustworthy workers are hard to find. Then pray that the money will come in for it. The dollar is super high right now, so our money goes a lot further! If you want to give towards it, let me know, we will let you. :) 

Once again, we will be in the states from October 12 to February 8, so if you would like us to speak at your church, please let us know. As of this moment we do not need to search for new churches to support us during this furlough, Praise the Lord! God has provided through many of you; Sarah and I are amazed at you all's generosity lately. God bless you all!

All for HIS glory,
David, Sarah, and my soon to be 6 year old (Sept 20) who is doing well in school, riding her bike without training wheels, and rattling off in English and Portuguese, and our little energizer bunny that is jabbering away, running away, and taking away our hearts with her extreme cuteness. 

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