Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bits September

This month we went on vacation on the beach for 5 days. We had a great time and had been looking forward to it since March! It was relaxing and healthy for us and the girls had a great time. 

This morning I woke up at 4:30 for the second time in a month to go carry concrete for the Cetak construction. We finished the first floor finally (after three phases of pouring the floor). They like to get up early and get done early with this few hour job where we have 10-20 people working. 

Our service this month went well especially considering that we moved location, day and time. We are trying Sunday mornings at a nice area right beside our house. The football guys are less likely to come in the morning, but we had people from other places including the Story of Hope study I have been doing on Thursday nights with a family of one of our study participants. We are in the NT already studying the life of Jesus and in a few weeks will be concluding. They have been around churches for a while, but are not in one currently, nor do they fully comprehend the story of the Bible.

Sarah is having a good time with cheerleading as she is up to 10 girls now and will present during the football game this month. Pray these contacts translate into disciples! 

Last night I delivered Bibles to the football team! We received a great discount on some really nice Bibles thanks to our coworker Roger Smith and the money came from Faith Baptist in State College, PA (my uncle Drew is the Pastor and my Aunt Diane organized the VBS project to raise this money). We were able to buy 50 Bibles and gave out around half last night (that is about the amount from the team that shows up to practice…). They were all really excited to receive them; one guy came over after practice to sleep and get up early and he was reading his before bed at midnight. Please pray that these guys will follow this new playbook they have!

The Servant Leaders development has been going great! Check out the site in English and think about whether your church wants any free material or mentorship to develop leaders inside the church! If you are interested or curious, shoot me an email and I can talk to you about what that would look like for you! It is probably easier than you think! 

This month we applied for Visas to go to China! Sarah’s sister Anna and her husband Daniel have lived there for a few years and we have an opportunity to go teach the Good Soil seminar to the group of Brazilians they have as well as some in English! We are planning this trip for next month! It is a pretty crazy opportunity for us! 

Also, we are planning a trip to the US for January until April. If you would like us to speak at your church, let me know and we can work on setting that up. We will be based in Chattanooga and go up to Michigan late March into April. Will be great to see the people who hold us up! Thanks so much!

All for HIS glory,

David, Sarah, my big seven year old Evelyn who got to celebrate with a tent PJ party the weekend before her birthday and on the beach for her birthday, and our little merpup(that would be a mixture of Mermaid and puppy from Paw Patrol) Anna Claire who loved the water and sand at the beach! 

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