Friday, October 21, 2016

Is the Election a Reflection?

A couple days ago I went to a school in Brazil as an american representative. The school assembly met in the gym and had representatives ask my friend Tyler and I questions about the United States and being an American. I shook my head in both in the morning and in the afternoon as they asked me about Hillary and Trump. Of all the Americans there are in the US, how did we find these two representatives?

In a democracy the people choose their President. When our founding fathers set up the system it was  a brilliant system because the President would reflect the people. Fast forward to today and we see little satisfaction in our country's candidates. How could our country choose these two? But then I go on Facebook and see the debates on people's pages and I realize exactly how we have these two candidates. They are a reflection of the people. We have turned into a bunch of debaters calling ugly names disrespecting each other! This is a true representation and it grieves me to the bone!

The truth is that both of these candidates break codes for which we, the American people, are passionate about. Trump has utterly disrespected women! Hillary is going after the unborn! What American does not have something against these ideas therefore making them passionate against either one of the candidates! Then we look at our neighbor, who is passionate about one issue that is very legitimate and we accuse them of being for an issue we are passionate against! It is a doomsday spiral!

We need to stop this disrespect for our neighbor! They are probably an entirely rational human being that is just a little different rationally than you are. Do not lose their respect and friendship over this election. Instead of looking at individuals as entirely disappointing, let's look at our culture as disappointing. We have fostered this type of negative culture and it needs to stop if we are going to survive!

Love your neighbor as yourself. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Americans are strong, patriotic, thoughtful and proactive. Let's emphasize these qualities. The difference starts with the individual and moves to the culture. Be an advocate of peace and love, not of division and hatred!

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