Thursday, January 19, 2017

Another transition

I remember as a kid crying in the kitchen as President Clinton was elected. "How could this happen?" I asked my mom through my tears. She assured me that God is sovereign and it did not surprise Him.

This last year I watched as Hillary supporters cried when realizing she had lost the election. Come to think about it, each election cycle has spelled tears and doomsday predictions, yet, still we are here. Though many would debate me about the country worsening, the country still exists and is still a beacon of light to other countries. A trip to the US is still the dream of most foreigners as they wonder what it is like in such a great country.

The political state is worsening though. This election year had more votes against the other side than for their own candidate. The fact of the matter is that our politicians are a reflection of the people. Our people created Donald Trump and other politicians. If we have dishonest politicians it is because we have dishonest people. How can we have moral presidents if our people are not moral? People complain about the crude comments Donald Trump has made, but laugh at the same jokes on comedy central or the latest movie from Hollywood. What do we expect?

No matter who you voted for this year, think about the past. Last time your candidate won, or last time your candidate lost (besides a few million Americans). We know how it feels to be on the winning and losing side. Sometimes you lose in life, but it is not the end of the world. I listened to a podcast today where the speaker talked about losing all of his money he had in a sure investment. He said it was the best thing that could have ever happened to him because he could not get comfortable.

We should not be comfortable with where we are at as a society. We need leaders who will influence change on their neighbor and it starts with love. Don't argue, love. Don't shove your beliefs down people's throats; love by listening to them. Last night I listened to a friend from the other side of the aisle. He was not a racist, sexist, murdering, annoying guy; he was passionate about people. Most people who have strong opinions are passionate about people. They do not want their loved one's rights to be infringed on. You see, we are not all that different; we just have different perspectives that are misunderstood by an inability on our part to listen to others.

So start today with love. Love through listening. Don't argue; at this point it is not worth it. Few are convinced by arguing anymore. Love and let that do the talking.

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