Thursday, January 26, 2017

Presidential Strategic Planning

My current course for my master’s degree is Strategic Thinking where we delve into the world of strategic planning. Throughout this course I have been inside of lots of strategic plans and recognized that Trump has been working under a strategic plan. 

The main recognizable part of his strategic plan has to do with his slogan, “Make America Great Again.” This became very recognizable and he even had it branded. I think that he liked it so much that he decided to run because of it. This is his mission. A mission in what you do; it doesn’t necessarily have an end. His decisions revolve around his mission. 

His vision he sells as well, talking about a safe and secure wealthy country. He throws in unity and a country of patriots as well. 

His strategy has been his main talking points. He calls for secure borders, taking down ISIS, repealing Obamacare, bringing jobs back to the US, and cutting taxes. Of course, he has big dreams and promises, but he does provide a vision of what he plans to do. 

There are other indications of his strategic plan, but without knowing it, the people really resonated with a plan. Whether you like it or not, Trump is a leader. He has a big following, despite most of the following being aware and not agreeing with his many faults. (Admittedly, that statement might be hard to agree with me on). People I talk to mostly say he is crazy, makes promises he cannot fulfill, but are still excited (and nervous) about seeing what he will do. But there is no doubt about it, he is a leader.

Trump turned a million dollars into billions. He is no fool, though one could say he acts foolish. He is a smart man that figured out how to appeal to the masses. Now, what choices do we have, now that we have him as president? 

This is a tough question because we know how prideful he is about being right all the time; yet everyone knows that he is not right all the time. It might be best to just admit that he is right some of the time. Opposing him 100% of the time is only going to work backwards for the left. With the Republicans holding a lot of power right now, he is going to be able to do quite a bit. I imagine that opposing him will only want him not be willing to work with you or your type of people. He is a deal maker looking for deals. If you do not give him anything, he won’t give you anything. 

We can protest. Yes. Sign petitions, wave banners, but for heaven’s sake, quit the violence! Yelling, screaming, burning and breaking things about injustice is kind of ruining to your own reputation and repudiates everything you are trying to state and makes everyone look down on you. While you protest Trump being like Hitler for ruling by force, you try to rule by force! Instead, protest civilly, whether marching, or signing petitions, or calling your representative. That is how government is supposed to work. The government needs to know what its people are thinking. 

The third thing we can do is be leaders ourselves. I do not like the type of leader Trump is; but he is a strong leader that people are following. Learn to lead and may I suggest, learn to lead humbly. One humble leadership skill Trump does have is putting smart people around him. While they are mocked for being so rich….uh, doesn’t that mean they must be doing something right if they are so rich, they are there for a reason and it looks like Trump does want to surround himself with smart people, which is a strong leadership quality. So follow his example in that, surround yourself with smart people. We face a leadership crisis these days and although there is a debate on whether leaders are made or born; there is certainly things everyone can do to improve their leadership skills. 

The last and most important thing we can do is love. Serve one another. Whether you are black or white, rich or poor, look for how you can make our society a better place. There are extremists on all sides of the aisle, may we all learn to be extremists in love. Assuming the other side is always wrong, deplorable, racist, sexist, ignorant, etc…. is not only wrong, but not going to get this country anywhere. I read an article today from a Muslim gay man today who decided to get to know the other side of the aisle right before the election and was surprised to be treated fairly and respectfully. Usually when I talk to my friends from the other side, they still remain friends. The only people I unfollow are the ones who constantly take mirror selfies. Laugh a little; love a little. 

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