Thursday, October 9, 2008

And the eggs made it home.

Today we needed some groceries. Today we rode the bus to and from school. Today the bus was really crowded. Today we did not get to sit down. Today we had eight bags of groceries on the bus ride home. Today we made it home safely with no broken eggs, bruised fruit, spilt milk.
And we just laughed...


Jewda said...

Today, huh?

David Carrel said...

sorry, was that annoying. Hey, don't be a hater, I am trying different styles.

Seda said...

Beautiful, David. An adventure, huh?

Hey, I know I've been getting really political lately. I hope I've been listening to you enough. It seems pretty difficult sometimes. I have so many unmet needs around the policies and events of the last eight years, and then I see how conservative folks are throwing millions of dollars into trying to make it so that gay folks can't get married in California any more. It hurts. I feel hurt, and I feel scared - it seems really personal and hateful, and to tell you the truth, I still don't understand why people are so scared of us getting married. It's like strangers sucker punching you on the street, you just don't know why they want to hurt you so bad.

So please try to understand, and don't hold it too much against me.

Wishing you the best,