Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gotta love potting soil

So Sarah has started decorating our patio with flowers and it looks great! We bought flowers last week, but needed potting soil. So we went to BIG, the Brazilian version of Walmart, here in Porto Alegre. Since the potting soil and other items were a little heavy to walk and take a bus, we decided to take our fist taxi ride here (I say it like it is a roller coaster or something fun like that, it's not). I mean, it wasn't too bad, it is just that I forgot our address. I knew how to get home, so I thought we would be fine. Well, the taxi driver obviously took advantage of my being naive. He took us the opposite way in a big circle. I was a little disappointed, especially since it cost more money, and if you know my frugal self, you know I hate spending money. Anyway, we finally made it home and brought the potting soil to the back. As I set the bag down, I noticed the exact same bag of potting soil under our churrasco pit!
And we laughed...

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