Monday, October 20, 2008


The days leading up to our departure from the states I was very excited about playing soccer in Brasil. At last I could play soccer just about every day I am here and make great contacts with people and get good exercise consistently. But then I didn't play soccer for two weeks. People don't play that often here in south Brasil. But finally I played last Sunday and this Sunday. I walked over to the park where I only seen games being played on Sunday afternoons. A group of younger players let me play on their team and I had fun. Then yesterday I played again. Once all the older players left, we were able to play for about an hour straight. I had a lot of fun and even played alright. I am hoping that I can be a positive influence in the lives of these kids. It is neat to see how that being a foreigner you have so many more opportunities to talk. They have asked me all kinds of questions and I have been able to ask them some. I am hoping to get into more serious subjects at times. We will see.

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Jewda said...

You're probably going to have to stop calling it soccer now. They may make fun of you.