Friday, December 12, 2008

The Perfect Person

I wonder what the perfect person would be like. Our thoughts on this topic show much about our lives. As I make this list of my perfect person, you will be able to see quite a bit into what makes me frustrated, what makes me happy, and why I click the way I do. For example, you will see dependability on my list. Why? Because I can't stand undependable people and so I try to be dependable.
The perfect person...

Loves all and condemns no one
Tries their hardest to have a non-biased view of the Bible, taking it for what it was meant to be
Follows the golden rule
Is kind to all
Patient, gentle, joyful (not a Debby-downer), merciful, considerate
Respects other opinions, but not afraid to share his when asked
Honest, even when it is hard or not convenient
Has good communication (prompt in their response)
Does not judge others by appearance
Dependable and reliable
Hard working
Tells others what they truly believe, rather than sugar coating everything (in other words, if there is something wrong with me, I would appreciate you telling me so that I can look into the mirror of God's Word and see if I need fixing)

So this list is more for me because I want to strive to be this person. (Because I want others to follow this list, I should follow the Golden Rule and try to be like this list). You may have to read that last sentence a couple of times for it to make sense. But basically I am striving to be perfect, although a knowledge of one's own imperfections should be added to the list as well. And I must include that we will never actually be perfect.
So what else can I add to that list, or what would your list include?


Jewda said...

I have to have people with a sense of humor. They don't have to be funny, they just have to know that I am. :)

Also, I like passionate people. If someone isn't 100% committed and sold out to something they're helping with, it's so frustrating.

Matt said...

If people don't have a sense of humor with Jeff then they want to kill him. :o)

But seriously, I would add humbleness. A follower of Jesus must be saturated with Gospel-centered humbleness. Not an easy thing mind you.

David Carrel said...

Agreed Matt, on both ends. I can't believe I missed that on my list.

Seda said...

I would add, is true to herself. That's an aspect of integrity, but is also specific. Also, lies to protect others (selectively dishonest?). Compassionate. Courageous.

More to the point, though, is what does it mean to be perfect? What would you strive for?

One of the greatest needs of the human being, nearly up there with food, air, water, and sex, is meaning. Our lives must have meaning and purpose. If you were perfect, what would the meaning in your life be? What would your purpose be?

It seems to me that compassion is born in the depths of pain and remorse - in suffering, if you will, and often in suffering for your own mistakes. If you were perfect, how would you learn compassion?

And also - have you noticed that nearly everyone is all those things you listed - sometimes? You are saying that they are always that way, I think, so "consistent" should also be on your list!

An interesting question, David. Raises more questions, perhaps, than answers.

BTW, I'm not putting you off on your comment on my blog - just want to give your thoughtfullness the time and attention it deserves, and with the holidays coming on - well, it may be still a few days before I get to it. So, I guess the timely communication thing is not my forte! But then, I never pretended to be perfect. ;-)

Merry Christmas!