Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bits Beyond Brazil October

We just unpacked from our last scheduled meeting in which we have a decent distance to travel. On November 17th we are at Calvary Baptist in Red Bank Tennessee all day, but that is really close to home. 

October has been our busiest month for meetings as we started out in North Carolina, went to Alabama and then just arrived from Indiana. We have been so blessed by the sacrificial giving of these churches. I entered 13 new emails from Calvary Baptist and we were overwhelmed by their love and friendliness. 

We are waiting to hear from a couple churches about support, but it looks like we are needing around 700 dollars a month. We are looking for some supporters to raise their support as well as new churches to start supporting (hopefully we will hear about two new ones). We also are looking for new supporters. You know, God has infinite resources and although common sense tells us to worry, I am confident that God will provide for our needs. We have been humbled by gifts from a little girl that had saved money for a doll, a Gideon in a Chik-fil-a, new friends and old that have money or don’t, a seminary couple who does not even buy all the groceries they want, and so many more of you that are faithful. We do not take you all for granted! Click here to give!

Our goal to leave for Brazil is January and we would love to buy tickets this month. Our Outfit and Passage account has been going up, but is still lacking quite a bit, so if you do not think you can do monthly support, pray about a one time gift!

In a couple days I will be running a marathon! Pray for me! And send me your prayer requests as well as I will have about four hours to pray! I have been praying for God to receive glory through this crazy thing I am doing, mainly because it is on my bucket list. (Also look at previous posts for thoughts on the marathon).

This last month in Northeast Brazil, the church from Recife (the capital city) took a group to Arcoverde, the gateway to the Outback, and did an event for children’s day. Partnerships are forming and outreach is happening! We are praying about going to this city for a year or two. 

This month I read the Circle Maker, a great book on prayer that has given me much confidence in the power of prayer. God loves to answer bold prayers. My bold prayers have been for the missions blog, missions real estate idea, our financial support and our family. 

All for HIS glory,
David, Sarah, a happy four year old with many new toys who is learning to share, and a crawling seven month old who loves anything that goes in her mouth and darts for whatever shouldn’t go in her mouth.

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