Friday, October 25, 2013

Marathon! Post #1

Legend tells that the marathon was born out of the run of a warrior named Pheidippides, a Greek messenger reporting the result of the Battle of Marathon.  He arrived at the assembly and said “we won” before collapsing and dying. 

When the Olympics were developing in 1896 they wanted a race that would have history with the ancient Greeks (probably in addition to one of the first sports known to man, wrestling). So they developed the idea of the marathon with a length of somewhere around 25 miles. It became pretty popular.

I have always had a marathon on my bucket list, but have only done the River Bank Run in Michigan which is 15.6 miles. I have never put the training on my priority list before. With the River Bank Run I trained a little and did a 10 mile run once before the actual race. After the race I could barely walk for a few days. With the training this time I have done six runs over the 10 mile mark, the highest being 18 miles. Hopefully the race day adrenaline, rested legs and a bit of food and gatorade will get me to the 26.2 mile finish line. 

On the 18 miler I did not eat anything. Pheidippides probably did not eat anything and he fought in the battle before he ran! Sometimes I think I need to man up and go for it! Then I realize that he dropped dead after he ran his. My new life insurance policy has not kicked in yet, so I think that I will eat and drink a little during the race. 

While training I have had plenty of time to think and pray. More on this in the next marathon blog! Countdown to marathon. 8 days. 

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