Monday, October 28, 2013

Marathon and Accountability

I am not running this marathon with anyone I know. I wish I were, but that just did not happen. But accountability has played an important role in training. My sister and dad are running a half marathon in December and some other people I know ran a marathon a couple weeks ago and then some others are running one the week after me. Knowing that has helped me in my training. Just being able to send them a message or text has kept me accountable to my training. My wife also told me; “if you do this, you can’t just do the big runs, you need to get out and run during the week as well.” Without those challenges, it would be very difficult to finish the race.

Sports are not the only places where we need accountability. We also need it in our workplaces, churches and for our spiritual lives. Without people around us, we will not as easily accomplish our goals. I am not saying things cannot get done without it, but it sure makes the process much harder. 

In which area do you need accountability? In the offense of growing spiritually like someone to check on your Bible reading or to pray with you? Or maybe the defense of making sure you stay away from places that cause you to sin or actions that are not pleasing to God? In both ways, accountability can greatly help. 
6 more days until I am a cripple for a few days.

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