Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bits December

Tickets bought! And under budget by 103 dollars. We are a little behind financially than the ideal, but much better than we could have imagined a year ago when we were facing $1600 a month and a one time amount of $30,000. Now we are only short about $180 a month and have raised (and earned as I did work some odd jobs this year) around $21,000. Also since last year, the exchange rate has gone up which will make our money go further; so while we could raise more, we feel confident that our needs will be supplied as we return to Brazil. 

We spent most of December at home in the Chattanooga area and were able to speak a couple times. We enjoyed time with our family this holiday season. Sarah’s sister and her husband have been in China at an international school and church and she has been here for most of December. Reality is starting to settle in as we realize that family and friends will not be as close for a while. 

Pray for us as we wrap up final details. We will apply for Anna Claire’s permanent Visa in Atlanta next Tuesday. This can be really complicated; pray that their cuteness overrides bureaucracy! On January 15, I will travel to the Amazon where I will pack some belongings, sell much of the rest, and spend time with friends for 9 days. Then I will attempt a trip with 10-12 boxes to move them downriver to Manaus and fly to Recife, the capital city of the state in which we will be working. Sarah will leave Atlanta that day with the girls and her brother and meet me the next day on January the 30th. 

Please pray for all the final details, paperwork, medical tests and then for our adjustments to a new home and ministry. We have loved seeing so many of you all this year in our travels. You have been such a blessing and encouragement to us! Pray now that there will be a great harvest (after a lot of work) in Northeast Brazil.

All for HIS glory,
David, Sarah, an energetic, dramatic four year old, and a 9 month old vacuum cleaner who is close to walking. 

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